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The Mysteries of Pittsburgh

name of book: The Mysteries of Pittsburgh
author: Michael Chabon
length or # of pages: 297
quick plot summary: What is a guy to do the summer after you graduate college? How about get a job you don't like, but pays the rent, since you're sick of taking Dad's money? How about make strange new friends? How about fall in love with a girl at the library? How about falling in love with a guy at the library? How about all this and more?
rating: 8
what makes this book worth reading: The truth of losing your way the summer after school ends, but trying to find a new way.
what could the author have done differently to make it better: I'm always hung up by endings and didn't care for this one. I was hoping for some sense that the story was over, but felt that it never did end.
would you recommend it? Yes, because it's lyrical and wonderful. But you could also read it because it's Chabon's first book so you can see where he stared and how he got to where he is now.
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