c. (_bleeckerstreet) wrote in bibliophilic,

name of book: the plague
author: albert camus
length or # of pages: 287 pages/5 parts.
quick plot summary: (taken from the back) the story takes place in the algerian port of oran, where a ravaging epidemic of bubonic plague - which symbolically suggests other spiritual & political plagues - has thrown the city into a harrowing agony. quarantined from the outside world, oran becomes a prison of death and disease, to which each character reacts in his own way; the efforts of those seeking to alleviate the suffering become the focus of camus' human and humane passion.
rating: i'd give it a 6/10.
what makes this book worth reading: to better acquaint oneself with existentialism; especially if one is a fan of camus' other (probably more notable) novel, the stranger.
what could the author have done differently to make it better: more showing, instead of telling.
would you recommend it? i wouldn't recommend it over other novels, but it is a worthy read.
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