Muse (the_eloquent) wrote in bibliophilic,

Residual Desire

name of book:  Residual Desire

  J. Jill Robinson

length or # of pages:  181

quick plot summary:  This is actually a series of twelve short stories.  (Back cover) The thing I particularly like in all of Jill's stories is the voice - it's knowing and witty, and incredibly observant of human nature.  It's full of insightful surprises.

rating:  9 of 10

what makes this book worth reading:  There is an interesting dichotomy of the narrative being distant, and almost cold at times while at the same time there is always a strong emotion invoked.  Situations of the usual and unusual variety transport the reader into the roles of the main characters, and I often wondered if I would react in the same ways.

what could the author have done differently to make it better:  Added a few more stories, I was definitely left wanting more.

would you recommend it?  Yes.
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